It's Our Filthy Choice


Reminiscing my old days. Talking and boycotting. So strong. So spiritual. At least I know my very heart enjoy those feelings. A kind of emotion that runs through your meridian. A feeling that is blessed by God. Feeling of care towards our ikhwan, our brothers. I know that feeling was real. I know, in my hardship of boycotting 'great' products there are blessings in it. Although it's very painful. Really. From kecik-kecik almost every month Karim went to McD when my father received his salary, but after the Intifadha' waves reached Malaysia, we restrained ourselves from buying the products and it's kind. Still, the rush of emotions are still inevitable, somehow in the name of hardship He let me sip His grace and kindness. Consoling my heart, alleviating my emotional pain, chilling my burning desire, erasing my personal envy towards my friends who are enjoyingly consume those products. It's not easy, and it will never be easy.
I would like to remind all readers that this post is based from my personal perspectives. You have the freedom to either renounce or corroborate my view as it is not purely from the Quran or Sunnah. It's just my personal digestion of morals from the two Holy sources. So, if you have anything in your mind, please do have your opinion occupies the comment box, and most important do comment nicely. I know this post will somehow cause some upheavals anywhere within anyone's heart. I'm sorry for that firstly. I just feel the need to write this, to remind, as this is the pure purpose of this blog.
This post is partially a conclusion from my ratiocination and it is basically just to trigger each reader to cogitate and to ponder about our role in the Palestinian conflicts. I miss the good spirit once burning in me. Concern towards what is happening to our brothers there. Now it seems that the spirit, the passion and all of the positive attitudes we once possess slip away slowly from us. Unnoticed, day by day our sensitivity is reduced. Karim don't know why but the situation is deteriorating. For us and for them. It's deadly. We are Muslims! A community that is connected, each of us is connected by the divine connection. We serve the same God, we follow the same Prophet, we read the same Quran, and we prostrate towards the same Ka'bah. Then why don't we help them? I mean there are no other ways for us to help them. Why can't we sacrifice something for them? It's like we do nothing to help them. We are completely useless. 2 years ago I had a personal dream. Some called my ambition 'dark dream'. My dream is I want to be a fighter in Palestine. That's one of the reasons why I am so into these survival-jungle-military things. I am not really good in the history of war and weaponology but I do have the dream to become one of them, the greatest living survivors ever lived, survived years of aggression, assailment, tyranny and oppression. They are the chosen ones, to live there, defending the Holy City where the Holy Mosque Al-Aqsa is located. They are the ones that Prophet Muhammad had stated 1400 years ago. A community of Holy Land that will defend the Holy Mosque until their fates come.

Umamah Al Bahili reports that the Prophet said
"A group of my community will remain on truth, they will vanquish their enemy and those who disagree with them will not be able to harm them until Allah commands".
"Where are these poeple?" The Companions asked.
The Prophet replied, "In and around Al-Quds (Jerusalem)". -Imam Ahmad

Back then, Karim was motivated by our history. When the Pakistani General opened the border of Egypt and announced to the world and summoned Muslims from everywhere to come and help the Egyptian defend their homeland from Israeli attacks. A teen from Kedah went there and 'syahid'. Hundred years ago, in one sariyah (wars that Prophet Muhammad didn't participate), when the Muslims were fighting the Persian, they were to cross a river. On the other side were the Persians waiting to attack them. While crossing, suddenly one of them accidentally dropped his pot in the river. Do you know what did the commander said? He said "Don't cross the river yet, find our brother's pot first!". Later the Persians told their king that they will never beat the Muslims, because their ukhuwaah were very strong. Karim hitherto is astounded by these kind of stories. No wonder they could conquer the world. They possessed a very valuable moral value which is ukhuwwah. That's why I once wanted to be a fighter. But, later I know my presence there will only make things worse. A sinful person will only block Allah's help. Name it, although he is a sniper, a commando, but if he is a sinner, it will only make things worse. Read about Badar and Uhud and make a comparison. In Badar, Allah sent thousands of marked angels. But in Uhud, just because the archers disobeyed Muhammad's order, Allah had held the reinforcement from angels. Now the only way I can help them is through the economic way. For this time being. The 'dark dream' is to be modified.
Sometimes when it comes to ruminate this idea, shame rushes through Karim's vein. Really, after the Prophet and his Companions had decorated the Muslim's history with a remarkable design of moral values and akhlaq, we failed to learn from them. We failed! They sacrificed a lot. Karim don't know what Karim had sacrificed purely for Islam. Sometimes I get confused. Do I really serve the ummah? Hmmph..the only way I can help them is through economic medium. By sadaqah and boycotting. Sadaqah and boycott. I guess these words are very familiar. Some of us fed up when these words reverberated in their ear canal. The former is a little bit easier than the latter. The latter is mostly about choice. Boycott is a choice. A Choice. No one can force us to boycott. It's a consumer's right. Power to choose. Just shift the scale from the view of item to the view of option. A wider scale. I jot this down with the intention to remind myself and my friends, and also our fellow readers. Months ago, when Gaza was on assault, the boycott was very intense. Our Malaysian products increased 30 percent of it's original profit. Then, slowly the intensity decreases. I just want to start a spark in our hearts, to start what we have started. To help our brothers just by boycotting. ONLY boycotting. Nothing more nothing less. Can you all see that we do nothing when they ARE in pain?
We try as hard as possible to skip morning classes so that we don't need to wake up early, they try as damn hard as possible to skip the sleep so that they won't die in an unknown air strike. While we are happily counting the days for holidays, they are sadly counting the days they had lived without their parents. Between us and them, they are so much differences. It's considerable if we are trying our BEST to help them, but we don't even try to help them! Not an ounce of effort. In fact, the more the get oppressed, the more we buy the Israeli products. Go go McD, go Nike, go Domino's, go Pizza Hut, go everything! Announce to the whole world that you bought those products, pose for the cameras, celebrate events, yeah! Do everything to consume those products. Do everything to actually sponsor magazines and missiles, war ships and artillery, grenades and rockets. Do everything to kill our own brothers! Please, I'm ok if someone wants to disagree my view, but to deny the facts that these companies don't give anything to Israel, that's a treacherous ignorance. Some are just too occupied to have their updates on artists and songs, movies and sports, games and social sites and then easily refuted blindly researches from some who had done it. Isn't that awful? Personally, I really adore those products. But, for my brothers, I restrain myself. I don't know, whenever I eat or use the products, I feel that I'm dirty and filthy in the sight of God. Very much.
To boycott is your own choice but to deny the facts is absolutely wrong. I just want to invite you, together we boycott the Israeli products. Trust me. It brings no harm. Indeed, you feel calm and peace. If we didn't do anything, we even support the Israeli products that is directly support the assault, it is indeed a very sinful act. Let us imagine, what will happen to us after we die? First we have to go through Munkar and Nakir, which will ask us about our wealth and money, where did we spend the money? Can we answer that question? Errr...I ..I kill my brothers in Islam. The moment we died, it is our hearts' task to answer questions with the help of parts of our body. Our mouths are silenced. Wrong answer we are to be hit and I guarantee you the hit is so painful. After the deadly torment in our grave, we go to the Mahsyar. We will suffer there. Then we are to be judged by Allah. What will be our answer when Allah asks us? What have we done to help them? I can't imagine what will happen if I can't answer the question. If front of all humans ever existed, we deny our so-called humanity. On that Day, we may regret and feel remorseful only because we had skipped one simple pace in our life, help our brothers by boycotting Israeli and their kind. We may cry heavily and bloodily, but that won't change anything there. Never.
Let us shift our paradigm. Don't do this to punish the Israel, do this to help our brothers. It's simple. You have the power to choose. Remember that every choice are to be asked that Day, so do choose wisely. We can make a difference.

Watch and feel it. Understand their pain. Barakallahu fiik.