A Dream or A Truth?

This is a story of me. A truth, yet to be. A dream, ever to be.

The air surrounding was tense. My heart pumped blood aggressively. Water liquids crawl through the sweat glands of my skin, eager to free themselves into the bright sky, exactly what I really felt at that very moment. Then, the desiring hopeful looks of Dad and Mum played dizzily in my head. I couldn't afford to break their very hope of me. Yet the success seemed so far, running and rushing away every time I tried to approach it. Nonetheless, I was in the state of what people named as the nervousness. And the pressuring looks of my colleagues didn't help to calm the raging feel.

The time for war came at last. Preparation for 10 full months seemed nothing, as it could barely ease up the growing tense. Yet, with all the efforts pulled up, God would surely help. That was the fact and the thought I grasped tightly with my bare hands. It was indeed relieving to even think that someone would always be beside you at the very moment you need Him, holding your hands, guiding you through the hard route in front of you. When all hope was lost, He came. That was pure calmness, beyond imagined. And so, it began.


A wise man once said, time is relative. He was true.

It felt like a thousand years sitting and trying desperately to stand up, only to know that you could had lost everything if you made even a simple mistake. The battlefield was a cruel place, yet the sole peace would emerge soon. Sooner than ever thought. And when it comes, I and you my friends, would be the happiest persons in the world, as if the pursuit of happiness never happened. So bear it up and let not fear engulf us, because Peace is coming.


The war was over, yet the effects it left seemed permanent.

Several months passed by, swiftly like a golden eagle. The time had come to decide the result of the waging war. Who will win? Me or none. The air was tenser compared to that before the war. Pressure was pushing the nerves of mine heavily. And then, it came. The piece of paper, ordinary yet valuable. Did I won? Or?


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Heavenly it was. Out of sudden, the totality of circumstances surrounding me changed. Some were crying, of joy and of sadness. And the moment my eyes met those of my parents, warmth flowed through my vessels of red. It was the moment I ever wished and dreamed for, ever. Proudest of all prides. Most pleasant of all pleases. And I, felt like never before.

A dream or a truth? You tell me.

Ragam Pengunjung Di Blog Karim

Salam readers! Long time no see. wahaha. Kidding. Maafkan Karim. Karim terpaksa afk(away from keyboard) lama sikit. Karim kena boost untuk SPM. Yelah, Karim kan budak tak pandai. Nak kena usaha lebih la nak jadi macam Halim. He remains unbeatable in academics. Jambang too. OK! Pada kali ini, Karim nak emphasize sikit, or senang cerita nak klasifikasikan ragam-ragam pengunjung Karim. Acesss, macam taxonomy pula nak buat macam ini. Baik, mari-mari, kita lihat sama-sama apa ragam-ragam pengunjung di sini. Enjoy!

Ragam 1. - cool and steady
Ada yang bila baca post Karim, tenang saja. Kalau dia terasa, dia akan diam dan terima. Malah, lebih mengejutkan, dia berubah. Orang macam ini dia bergaul dengan Karim, dan memang Karim respek dia. Kita memang nampak perubahan dia. Kalau orang lain macam ini, dia bertuah. Dia akan berjaya, sebab dia terima teguran orang, still he remains the best among others. Bagus sangat.

Ragam 2. - consistent and shadow
Ada juga pengunjung datang sini, hanya untuk membaca. Ragam ini juga Karim senangi, awat? Mereka datang ke blog Karim dan mengambil pengajaran dari post Karim. Dapat juga saham pahala dekat Karim ya. Mereka remain silence, walau apa jua berlaku. Terima kasih Karim ucapkan buat mereka. Naik juga stats Karim.

Ragam 3. -peace and freedom fighter
Ragam jenis ini pro-aktif sikit. Kalau ada isu-isu hangat pasti ada komen panas. Mereka ini pendamai atau neutral. Kira kalau dalam sejarah ada ZOPFAN, mereka ini kita boleh gelar POPFAN. Person of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality. Mereka ini jenis orang yang diberkati Allah, sebab mengamankan kehangatan yang terhasil. Actually, Karim hanya tulis perkara benar, yang terasa mesti panas. Tak apa, ragam itu lepas ini. Golongan POPFAN ini wujud kalau ada hangat sikit. Tanpa disedari, komen mereka telah mencelah antara kehangatan komen pihak lain.

Ragam 4. -truth and hot
Ragam jenis ini, Karim paling geli hati. Seperti biasa, Karim post isu semasa and other trivial things. Dan kalau ada perkara panas, mesti ada yang automatik panas. Pada waktu inilah akan ada komen dengan nama samaran, akan mengutuk, condemn, or other negative comments akan memenuhi ruang Karim. Akan tetapi, karim akan tetap terima teguran itu, kalau ada dasar. Iyola, Karim kan manusia biasa, mesti tersalah, namun mengecewakan, komen tersebut hanya dipenuhi dengan emosi tanpa bukti. While Karim bangkitkan sesuatu isu, dengan bukti. Pelik tapi benar. Haha. Apabila ada isu-isu hangat, they'll try to condemn Karim sedaya upaya. But, nevermind, it's good. At least Karim ada jawapan depan Allah nanti, ada usaha. Mungkin panas juga kadang-kadang blog ini, sebagaimana panasnya Konoha yang sekarang sedang diserang oleh Pain, atau panasnya Pak Lah apabila orang bawahannya terlalu obvious nak ambil alih tempatnya. Kesian Pak Lah (padan muka? tak baik).

Ragam 5. - let them be
Ini ragam paling jarang. Mereka datang kadang-kadang sangat untuk mem'back-up' kawan-kawan mereka. Ini pun guna nama samaran tapi nampak la dia jarang datang Karim. Nampak writing style pun dah tahu dah. Memang selalu ada unknown komen, tapi dapat kenal. Kalau blogger guna nama samaran pun dapat detect, ini kan lagi la.

OK la tu. Cukup. Ada apa-apa nanti Karim tambah. Ok. Ingin Karim petik kata-kata dari Karim. Tentang isu baru ini, yang mendapat liputan hangat.

Three challenges for truth. Firstly, it will be ridiculed hardly. Secondly, it will be violently opposed. Thirdly, it will be accepted because of being self-evident. Itu saja dari Karim. Salam


Bayangkan Paklah tengah berucap dan video ni keluar. Cuma bezanya Datuk Anwar yang tengah berdansa. Reaksi?

'Gegek'kers, the New Hot Celebrities.

Salam to all readers..
Pretty much awhile since Karim posted about anything particular. Well, if it wasn't for the urge to surf the net during a rainstorm, the delay in posting wouldn't happen though. Yet, it is His will to zip Karim's hand from typing for a brief period. Enough of that and let's jump into the main topic of today;

"Flirters or commonly known as 'Gegek'kers."

The word gegek derives from; in Karim's humble opinion; the mother tongue's word, gatal.
Gatal evolves into getel and dissolves with the thick accent of the north-eastern people to produce gegel, which eventually becomes gegek due to the difficulties in pronouncing the arduous alphabet L. (This is a pure theoretical idea, Karim himself is not a Kelantanian)

So, what is gegek one may ask. Keep reading and be entertained. (This quote is extremely familiar to some of the readers and they'll soon say, "Ah, I know who Karim is!" or "Gotcha, I'm 100% definitely sure" but let Karim assure you that, the truth is not always what you think it is.)

"Hi, komen picture I tau nanti"
"I love you forever"
"Comel ah gambar awak tu, suka 'saya' (Read: I)"

Some familiar comments that we can find from those exceptionally famous 'friend-connecting' (Or disconnecting) webs. (Friendster, myspace and facebook anyone?) Someway somehow, those odious comments came from an id profiling a user who in every single day that passes by, goes to Al-Amin, wears a Hijab, and prevents him or her from excessive social contacts with the opposite genders. Hypocrites in other words, like Taqi previously criticized in his well-English-written blog, http://allisonmosshart.blogspot.com/.

Really, it's damn annoying to see those girls and boys admiring themselves too excessively to the point of perversion. (Trial? Haha.) Truthfully, maybe they think they are hawt (read: hot!) and popular, and everyone will come running to them, praising every time they upload a new picture featuring them as the celebrities of Al-Amin posing like never before. And then, those 'gegek'ers come and say, "Huhu, comelnya badan awak..." Eww.. Have shame my friends, even some is better than none.

But, that's the worst case scenario. Heck, there are lesser ones. Maybe, just saying hi or hello for the sake of nothing is one of the examples of 'gegek'ing. And these Hi and Hello will lead to worse social problems. Coupling? And so much more, you'll probably know better than Karim does.

Conclusion :
◘ You are not hot, so don't think you are. (Only fire is hot, and definitely you are not one.)
◘ People tend to admire those with the ability to think more than those with the ability to pose. So, upgrade your mind more than your body.
◘ Don't 'gegek' or flirt because it'll only bring shame and disrespect to yourself.
◘ 'Gegek' or flirt is bad for everyone playing the role 'student'. Study smart, hard and ace through exams with flying colours and when you are ready for a family, 'flirt' your wife-to-be in the right way. (Nikah, connecting people.)

That's all for today. Thank you for reading and God bless.


Salam. Nak cerita ringkas je kali ni. Semalam, pukul 3.30 petang. Karim keluar pintu pagar sekolah hendak pulang ke rumah. Then, lalu la bas-bas sekolah dan van-van yang ada. Bila Karim sampai je di sebelah sebuah van sekolah, puup! Plastik sampah muncul dari dalam van tu (plastik sate kot kalau tak silap).

Karim pun macam menyirap la kan. Kenapa selamba dek je nak buang-buang sampah ni? Karim pun pergi tengok siapa yang buat benda alah tu. Rupa-rupanya murid Al-Amin sendiri yang buat. Bila Karim tenung je muka budak tu, terus tunjuk member yang lain. Tak berani pulak nak mengaku.

Tapi disebabkan Karim nak cepat, Karim tak sempat nak kutip sampah tu. Then, bila dah masuk kereta, Karim nampak makcik van tu tengah pegang plastik tu sambil marah-marah budak tu. Bagus jugak ada yang menegur macam tu. Takdelah besar kepala budak tu nanti.

Pesanan daripada Karim, "Kutiplah sampah yang ada. Kalau bukan kita, siapa lagi?"

(Post ringkas je. Harap dapat ambil iktibar)

Tag Karim

Salam. Walaupun agak ketinggalan dalam tag-mentag ni, Karim pun tak nak lepaskan peluang untuk tag beberapa blogger lain. Karim telah ditaq oleh Ukht Qistina pada bulan Ramadhan yang lalu. Tapi dengan tag Ramadhan lah kan? Karim nak tag dengan tag Syawal pulak kali ni. Mencari kelainan lah konon ;)

Blogger yang terpilih untuk ditag dengan tag Syawal Karim :

So, itulah antara bloggers yang telah Karim tag dengan tag Syawal. Maaf kepada sesiapa yang Karim tidak tag. Kuota untuk 5 bloggers je. Maybe untuk bulan yang akan datang kot. Ceh, sesuke je nak buat tag tiap-tiap bulan. Chill! ;)

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) - APaKah?

Salam to all..

Welcome aboard to Karim's new house...

Kecek ore puteh lak..

Ni sebenarnya Karim nak sangat2 kongsi satu benda besst...Memang panjang benor..tp berbaloi ah bace...

Adalah Bijak Pandai dunia zaman skrg... diorg da cipta satu mesin...hebat tak hebat...nama diberi LHC!

Ape kebenda lak LHC tu?

LHC adalah singkatan bg Large Hadron Collider!!!

Waaaaaa...tp amende tu?

Tulah Karim beriya2 nak gitau ni... LHC adalah mesin mempercepatkan/melajukan zarah-zarah yang paling besar dan paling bertenaga!! (The largest and highest-energy particle accelerator)
(Bezaakan bahasa Ibunda ngan bahasa org puteh?...)

So, tugas dia adalah utk mempercepatkankan 2 pancaran Hadron (Beams of Hadron) dan menemukan mereka berdua...

*Hadron adalah kump umum bg proton (Alaaa, yg dalam buku Fizik tu)

Kiranya cani ah...

Bawak 2 kereta, satu Ferrari dan satu Porsche dan langgar dua-dua kereta tu pada maximum kelajuan..apa jadi?

POOOOOMMM... letup ah...

So tu ah apa LHC nak wat... diorg nak cipta, nak simulasikan apa yg diteorikan sbg Big Bang..

Apa fakta2 menarik tentang LHC ni? Read along..

* LHC akan mempercepatkan kelajuan Hadron sehingga mencapai 99.99% kelajuan cahaya..fuuh..laju uh..Kira2 3×108 m/s atau 300000000 meter setiap saat...bayangkan...satu saat pg 300000 km...

* LHC dibina oleh European Organization For Nuclear Research (CERN) dgn dikendalikan oleh 10000 pakar saintis dari 100 buah negara..(agak2 Msia masuk ak? Msia dah pg bulan kan..haha)

* LHC ni bentuknya satu terowong bulat..yg circumference dia (ukur lilit) 27 kilometer...Haa amek tu...27 kilometer ah Hadron2 tu akan tawaf...perghh sume kat Alam ni sume tawaf...mcm DNA...Galaksi...dan mereka2 yg begitu beruntung da pergi umrah...lg2 yg dah pergi Haji..haha

* LHC ni terletak 50 hingga 175 meter dalam tanah... 15 meter tu pembaris cikgu...haa darab ah dgn 11.67 ....agak2 ada 12 pembaris cikgu...tu ah kedalaman LHC..bawah tanah..

* Ni antara fakta plg best ah...dgr baik2...baca baik2....LHC akan melanggarkan hadron..dan pelanggaran tu akan mencetuskan event 1/1 billion saat selepas Big Bang...dan pelanggaran tu akan hasilkan suhu...100 000 kali ganda lagi tinggi dari matahari punya...amek tu beb...tak tau ah suhu core dia atau surface dia atau corona dia...tp 100000 kali ganda....waaarghh...

tp dalam skala micro ah...mksdnya dalam kawasan kecik pelanggaran Hadron tu je ah...so takyah takut Bumi hangus..buat masa skrg ah...

* LHC menelan belanja sbnyk lebih kurang 3.2–6.4 billion...euro tu ..cuba convert jd RM..Tp rasanya amat berbaloi nak mengkaji ciptaan Allah kan?

* LHC ni tugas dia nak cari bnyk benda yg masih menjadi ...Misteri... bg dunia kita....alam fizik kita.. :

- Dark Matter ngan dark energy (Matter ngan energy yg secara kira2/ teori ada dalam alam ni...tp tak nampak...tu ah namanya darrrkkkk)
- Higgs Boson (Entah ah apende ni..tp lebih kurang salah satu jenis partikel yg secara teorinya wujud...tp juga...tak pernah diobserve..)
- Kenapa gravity punya force amat rendah...?
- Electromagnetism, Strong and Weak Nuclear Force tu sume satu jenis force ke?
- Supersymmetry - Ni benda plg Karim tak tau....pe benda ah tu..
- Hubungan antara matter ngan anti-matter...anti matter ni mcm qorin ah...same mcm kite...tp jahat...tp anti-matter tak ah jahat..cume lawan matter...atau mcm spiderman ngan venom...xD Atau mcm bawang merah bawang putih...

Perghh...banyak btul celoteh Karim harini...maaf ah kalo panjang sgt post...tp memang nak share sangat2 punye pasal...

Dan maaf Rojak-kan bahasa...

Tp ada pengajaran2 tertentu yg bole diambil (bile ah die ni nak habih)

* Mcm tawaf tadi...pikir2kan ah..Setiap benda berzikir tawaf2 ibadah2? Benar?
* Mcm Qorin tadi...pikir2kan ah..Setiap makhluk ada pasang2 pasangan masing2...sampai ke proton2 electron2 skali...? Benar?
* Org kafir berlumba2 cari Hikayat Sebenar tentang Alam...kite masih dibuai Hikayat Mimpi?
* POOOMMMMM...letusan berlaku...mane tau..LHC tak betul dan Big Bang tu ada flaw...dan ...

Apa2 pon...amek ah yg baik...yg buruk simpang2 kan...

P/S : LHC tak collidekan lg partikel2 tu...ada masalah teknikel so diorg takkan buat bende tu sampai Spring 2009...bertaubat ah...masih sempat...(haha..)

Kalo nak deep punya information...lawatilah LAMAN INI...hehe wiki je..(wiki ah plg best dlm cari informasi..) lps tu tak phm psl ape2 term...pg lagi link2 yg ade kat situ...best beb...

Ngan kalo nak lagi paham...dgr lagu dr youtube ni...hayatilah...LHC- The Song

Salam...k chow..

Wajah baru

Rumah baru Karim. Nantikan post yang baru ;)