Pause and Ponder- Anti-matter in the Quran?

Salam to all readers. Apa khabar? Kali ini, Karim nak bercerita tentang sepotong ayat Quran. Dari surah At-Takwir, mungkin kalau dari segi Tafseer berbeza, sebab Karim tak rujuk Tafseer lagi (bukan terjemahan). Tapi Insya Allah, ini yang Karim nak kongsikan. Kita sama-sama muhasabah, overall ayaat yang Karim post, tapi akan Karim huraikan satu ayat daripadanya.


"Apabila matahari dilingkari cahayanya (dan hilang lenyap). Dan apabila bintang-bintang gugur berselerak. Dan apabila gunung-ganang di terbangkan ke angkasa (setelah dihancurkan menjadi debu). Dan apabila unta-unta yang bunting terbiar. Dan apabila binatang-binatang liar dihimpunkan. Dan apabila lautan meluap-luap bercampur-baur. Dan apabila tiap-tiap diri disatukan dengan pasangannya. "

In quantum physics, there's a theory, Karim pernah post once about this, about anti-matter. Untuk pengetahuan readers semua, our world consists of matter and anti-matter. Dalam research terkini, physicists are desperate to prove the existence of anti-matter, or, they said if they can't prove it, they will need a new physics. Electrons at the beginning of the universe collide with its anti-particle, positron to produce energy. Matter can be found everywhere, tapi mana anti-matter? Apa kaitan dengan ayat yang telah Karim boldkan? Tiap-tiap diri disatukan dengan pasangannya? Apa kaitan matter bila bertemu anti-matter? According to the theory, if matter counters anti-matter, they will annihilate. Annihilation of these two will surely cause a great destruction, very dahsyat one. Imagine, one day, suddenly anti-matter appears, counters its pair, annihilate. And you know what, we are matters. And frankly, I can't possibly imagine how dahsyat will it be. Pada waktu itu, orang beriman dah mati. Moga kita digolongkan dalam golongan orang beriman.

Since this surah is about Qiamah, it its possible to relate it to this theory, imagine, IF one day Allah let all the anti-matters out of its bound, will they annihilate? And if they do, surely, the destruction during day of Qiamah is unimaginable. Very-very destructive event. Moga Allah menjadikan kita dalam golongan orang yang beriman. AMiin. Astaghfirullah. Moga-moga dosa Karim diampunkan. Semua Karim.

A riddle.


Ramai yang buat post teka teki. Ni ada satu yg hebat. Try it. Memang gempak bg yg dpt merungkai jawapannya. There was an ex-alamin who could solve it, yet again, his logic's extraordinary good. And to those few person's who already been given the riddle, and knew the answer, pls keep it to your self. :)

5 students and 1 monkey are in a deserted island, they all gather coconuts then goes sleep. The 1st student wakes-up and divides all the coconuts into 5 shares with 1 extra coconut that he gives to the monkey, she then hides his part of the share and goes back to sleep; The 2nd student wakes-up and divides all the left-over coconuts into 5 shares which also results into 1 extra coconut that she also gives to the monkey, she also hides her share; The 3rd, 4th, and 5th student also do this. What is the minimum number of coconuts possible in the given situation?

Ok, selamat mencuba.
Like Lurhaf said, "sila postkan jawapan anda di bahagian comment ^_^ [ana tahu sumer yg visit blog nie bijak2 belaka]".


Recipe For A Universe

Recipe For A Universe



"Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder. We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe? (The Noble Quran, 21:30)"


|Time-Line of the Big Bang|


""The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed."

-Albert Einstein: a normal clerk who became an extraordinary physicist, by imagination.-


Take a massive explosion to create plenty of stardust and a raging heat. Simmer for an eternity in a background of cosmic microwaves. Let the ingredients congeal and leave to cool and serve cold with cultures of tiny organisms 13.7 billion years later.

To understand the basic ingredients and the ‘cooking conditions’ of the cosmos, from the beginning of time to the present day, particle physicists have to try and reverse-engineer the ‘dish’ of the Universe. Within the complex concoction, cryptic clues hide the instructions for the cosmic recipe.

Space, time, matter... everything originated in the Big Bang, an incommensurable huge explosion that happened 13.7 billion years ago. The Universe was then incredibly hot and dense but only a few moments after, as it started to cool down, the conditions were just right to give rise to the building blocks of matter – in particular, the quarks and electrons of which we are all made. A few millionths of a second later, quarks aggregated to produce protons and neutrons, which in turn were bundled into nuclei three minutes later.

|Quarks and Leptons|

Then, as the Universe continued to expand and cool, things began to happen more slowly. It took 380,000 years for the electrons to be trapped in orbits around nuclei, forming the first atoms. These were mainly helium and hydrogen, which are still by far the most abundant elements in the Universe.

|An Atom|

Another 1.6 million years later, gravity began to take control as clouds of gas began to form stars and galaxies. Since then heavier atoms, such as carbon, oxygen and iron, of which we are all made, have been continuously ‘cooked’ in the hearts of the stars and stirred in with the rest of the Universe each time a star comes to a spectacular end as a supernova.

|An Imaginary Galaxy|

Zoom into the Milky Way galaxy and there, the earth. And we, inside it reside.

|Our Place|


*Adapted from CERN's website :

God bless and make us imagine. Salam.

Karim pun salah.

Salam. Karim nak minta maaf kepada saudari Liyana diatas cara Karim menegur. Namun, ia tak bermakna apa yang Karim tegur tu salah. Cuma caranya saja tak kena. Moga benda ni tak menjadi lebih teruk. Husnuzonlah & berlapang dada.

The Tale of A and C


An anecdote for us to ponder and wonder.

There was once these two letters, A and C.
One day, during lunch time at The Alphabetically School, A went into the queue for the meal, rubbing his stomach with pure dream of the undeniable satisfaction of eating. It was A's turn to grab the food, and without thinking, he took every single dish insight, each with an extra-than-regular portion. Small as he was, the lust made him blind for a moment to realise his mistake.

Then, C, who was behind A saw A's act. C then said , "A, a little bit of patience would surely help." "I highly doubt you could finish all those." "Your stomach would suffer".

Shockly, A angrily said, "It's none of your business." "It's MY stomach. I'm the one eating. Not you." "Who are you to tell me what I should do with my stomach?!"

Calmly, C answered, "Yes, it is your stomach, and I, what so ever, have no authority upon it. But, think. By eating an unbalance portion of food, you're treating your stomach wrongly and destroying it bit by bit. As time progress and plays it's game, your stomach's quality to digest food, deteriorates. " "A, please note that I'm not telling you on how to take care of your stomach, as in do this and do that. Rather it's an advice for your well-being in the future."

A thought about it. Yeah, why can't other people advice us to good or warn us if we're slipping off the road. This is why other people exist in our life; to remind and to help us. A learned something new; Humans are not perfect. Each is like a jigsaw part. They complete and they perfect each of themselves. And when one piece is missing, the puzzle remains a puzzle.

Cosmological Conflicts - Part 3

Cosmological Conflicts [Part 3]
22 March 2004.
After Subh prayer...At Palestine, one of the mosque...
Son 1 : Ya Abi, I think I heard the sound of chopper wandering outside. If I am not mistaken. Let us stay here for a while, until the heli disappeared. Is it okay?
Yassin : No son, (calmly), I have waited them for years.
Son 1 : Emm, ok then, Insya Allah, Allah is with us. Right Abi?
Yassin : Insya Allah. (Like knowing something, knowing that he's gonna meet his Lover.)
He pushed his da's wheelchair. Suddenly, F-12 flew upon them. Noisy one. For them, it is normal for a warplane to soar above them, but today, it seems a little bit different. This agile jet flew very close to the ground. Yes! As he thought, there's something on the run. He let his eyes going wild, checking. Then, there it is! Yes, he was right. The moment he accelerated his father's wheelchair, the Apache chopper was already in front of them. He knew it, the noise of the F-12 covered the noise of the approaching Apache, what a plan!
In the Apache...(two of Israeli's best commandos)
Commander 1 : Checking, target locked.
Commander 2 : Huh? You don't even need to lock him, he's paralyzed. Don't you remember?
Commander 1 : Yeah, that's right, still, he commands the best military force in the world. HAMAS. Even us feared them.
Commander 2 : OK2, just do our order! Let's blow his head.
Son 1 : Abi, there's a chopper! I knew it.
Yassin : Do not worry son, I have waited them. I knew they would come soon. Now the moment.
A few seconds later..BOMMMMM!!!!
Israeli Apache, fired the Hellfire Missile, killing Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and his two bodyguards, instantly, and 9 bystanders. 12 injured, including his son, lived to tell this.
Israel, an illegal nation, sitting in the fourth rank in the weaponry technologies of the world, killed a paralyzed old man, using their best commandos, in their most advanced missile, and their most powerful helicopter, just to make the old man, vanished......And what do we do after years?
In the same century.....
Setelah ''steady-state'' teori telah pun ditolak oleh para saintis, mengejutkan, lahir pula beberapa teori yang lebih moden. MasyaAllah, mereka tetap tidak mahu mengalah. Golongan materialis telah datang dengan beberapa lagi model yang agak hebat. Antaranya, ''oscillating model'' dan juga ''quantum universe model''. Kita akan kaji model-model ini secara kasar satu persatu.
Oscillating Model
Dalam usul model ini, saintisnya mengatakan bahawa alam ini merupakan satu daripada 'oscillating system'. Macam mana? Ok. Mari Karim beri satu analogi, contohnya pendulum bob yang kita selalu main dalam makmal. Sebelum ia mula 'oscillate' kita perlu tarik dia ke maximum amplitude. Lepas itu, kita lepaskan, bola itu akan bergerak kiri dan ke kanan. Sekarang kita bayangkan, model itu membayangkan alam itu seperti pendulum ini, ia akan mengembang dan mengecut secara infintiy. Kalau bola itu takkan oscillate secara infinite di bumi ini sebab damping process berlaku, energy is dissipated to the surroundings, sebab air resistance, gravity and others.. Tapi dalam model ini, alam kita oscillate infinitely, tapi still dalam sistem ini, damping process berlaku tapi dalam bentuk entropy. Setiap kali satu complete oscillation berlaku, alam ini akan memindahkan amount of entropy kepada oscillation seterusnya. Entropy itu apa? Hard to explain, dia Second Law of Thermodynamics, tak silap Karim. Begini analogy dia, Entropy refers to jumlah kecelaruan atau apa-apa yang seerti. Contohnya, kereta. Kita beli kereta baru, kemudian kita biar lama-lama. Kita tak boleh jangka yang kereta itu akan baik sebagaimana yang kita tinggalkan. Kereta itu mesti dah berhabuk, engine oxidation and rusting must be massive, tayar mesti dah kecut, and banyak lagi. Itu lah yang dimaksudkan dengan entropy. Ha, sambung, so dalam pengiraan model ini, setiap oscillation akan memindahkan an amount of entropy kepada alam seterusnya. Ini menunjukkan yang alam ini lama kelamaan akan hilang lebih banyak tenaga, 'opening' akan jadi lebih besar dan alam ini akan mengecil lama kelamaan dan ia adalah logik untuk alam ini menjadi 'tiada'. Nak tak nak, alam ini mesti diwujudkan kerana wujudnya term 'tiada'. Saintis itu sendiri terperangkap dengan calculation nya sendiri. Lagipun, laws of physics offer no reasons kenapa alam yang sedang mengembang dengan begitu pesat tiba-tiba perlu mengecut, begitu juga sebaliknya, kenapa alam yang dah collapse into a single point perlu meletup dan mengembang balik. Again, model ini ditolak dengan mudah oleh para saintis yang mahukan bukti saintifik. Subhanallah...
Quantum Universe Model
Model ini berasaskan pemerhatian di dalam quantum physics (subatomic). Dalam pemerhatian itu, dapat dilihat subatomic particles appear dan disappear spontaneously dalam vacuum. Oleh itu, atheis menyimpulkan bahawa 'matter can originate at quantum level', jadi ini juga menjadi ciri-ciri matter. Oleh itu, mereka menyimpulkan bahawa alam ini juga mengikut law ini, alam seperti subatomic particles, cuma yang lebih besar. Tapi, beberapa orang telah menentang model ini, salah seorangnya ialah William Lane Craig, author of The Big Bang: Theism and Atheism, :
A quantum mechanical vacuum spawning material particles is far from the ordinary idea of a "vacuum" (meaning nothing). Rather, a quantum vacuum is a sea of continually forming and dissolving particles, which borrow energy from the vacuum for their brief existence. This is not "nothing," and hence, material particles do not come into being out of nothing.
So in quantum physics, matter "does not exist when it was not before". What happens is that ambient energy suddenly becomes matter and just as suddenly disappears becoming energy again. Wah, this would really make me surprise. When I think about quantum physics, automatically my cerebrum will trigger my amigdala to produce such an emotion, funny one that makes me remember Syazwan. Once, in the chemistry seminar SPM, last year, he asked teacher about this. He asked, the thing we touch, what is it actually, is it the nucleus, or the electron? He kept saying that if the thing we touch is electron, then electron will langgar-langgar badan kita, keluar lah dari orbitnya, untuk revolve around the nucleus. Haha, the SBPI teacher was stunned, and Cg Zalina pun gelak juga. Haha, even Karim tak tahu jawapan dia, but I will explain the atomic properties in the next episode. Even now, Karim is laughing thinking about him. Such a Tiny friend.
So, mari kita derive, dapat kita lihat, golongan atheis dan materialis akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk membuktikan bahawa mereka benar, namun, Allah Maha Berkuasa, yang membuktikan Kuasanya di hadapan orang-orang kafir sendiri. Tapi, ada juga yang mengaku salah, contoh British Materialist H. P. Lipson, albeit "unpleasantly":

If living matter is not, then caused by the interplay of atoms, natural forces, and radiation, how has it come into being?…I think, however, that we must…admit that the only acceptable explanation is creation. I know that this is anathema to physicists, as indeed it is to me, but we must not reject that we do not like if the experimental evidence supports it.
3 years ago....
In the assembly, Minggu AL Quds, when the boycott campaign is launched, someone came and spoke, she said that the boycotts campaign does not mean anything, we are living in a small country, boycott won't do anything, then she reads her analysis, saying the econmical value and what so ever, lastly she said we do not need to boycott, think wiser.
After she said that, Karim felt the rage in Karim, and around Karim, there's a few who had expressed their unsatisfaction through their face, luckily, the MC, who was Karim's role model quickly said, Boycott do have effects, then he said that few KFCs and MCDs had been closed in Egypt, and a few places, and then he said by boycotting, at least we have the efforts. In Islam, we just do, the result is Allah's call, not ours. Like 'usaha, doa, and tawakkal'. He did use an analogy, he told about a small bird during the burning of Prophet Ibrahim (I will not change his name into ABraham, that's a ridiculous notion), who was trying to put out the fire by pouring water using its little beak. Think back, what is the effect? (I will be using 'is' as there will be no effects by the bird, nearest just an effect). Know what the bird said, at least when Allah asked the bird, he can answer Him. As Hujjah.
So, what do we do? I proudly admit, that I boycott things. As 'sedaya upaya' as I could. Sometimes, when I heard poeple said that we can't boycott things, because it is our basis, if we do the boycott, we need to buy other not-too-quality products, including Malaysians! You know what, Boycott is sacrifice. If the Palestinian had done their parts, why don't we sacrifice just few of our 'lives'? Don't be to teddy la. At least I have the answer in front of Allah. Then after the boycott, some of them still do not want to do it. Said that some of the company did not give their shares. Sometimes, no, most of the times, to think about this, it is a child thinking level. Let us say, KFC was bought by the family of the state, and there were rumours that no more shares are given to the Israel, but note that KFC is a franchise company. There's no way in the economical law (I have been read on this) that a franchise company does not give any share at all to its domain, there must be. So, those who said that there were no shares given, I assume whether they do not know, or they are just lying to themselves to place or to justify themselves in a comfortable position.
One more situation, a little bit sakit hati, once, last year after Al-Quds week, there's a few who ordered Domino's. Indeed, the 'motor' went in Al Amin, and gave the Pizza to them. And then, with muka tak malu, they brought the pizza, but strangely, they were the AJKs. They told us to boycott things, but nevermind, Karim assume they do not know, still, they were the net guys, who have internet at their homes. Again, Karim want to emphasize, Domino and Starbukcs are Israelis. That's all.


Three things in life once gone never come back.
1. Words.
2. Opportunity.
3. Time.

Three things in life are never sure.
1. Dreams.
2. Success.
3. Fortune.

Three things in life that make you a great person.
1. Hard Work.
2. Sincerity.
3. Success.

Three things in life are most valuable.
1. Love.
2. Self respect.
3. Friends.

Three things in life must not be lost.
1. Peace.
2. Hope.
3. Honesty.

Three things in life that destroy a person.
1. Greed.
2. Pride.
3. Anger.

This may not be true to some people tho.

Salam to all dear readers.

Been quite awhile since Karim's last touch; longer than a while indeed.

Well, upon setting feet on a new place, the enthusiasm to write and to share; if not much, some valuable experiences with dear fellows sparks.

Here, at this alien planet which Karim just arrived a week ago, the bi'ah or the environment is -the perfect word couldn't be find but- beautiful, would account. People reciting everywhere in the mosque. People wearing jubbah. People giving Salam. All those and add up an immaculate view of the peaceful lake, type in Google and you'll find Karim's recent place.

Here, at Karim's new home, there are a few of those who God took away one of the precious human core, eyesight. They couldn't see the real three dimensional world but amazingly though, their passion towards Islam passes our's by a great deal. Imagine this, every single time the azaan is preached, you could see them there, at the mosque! Preparing for Salaah and reciting the holy Quran.

Written in Braille. Makes Karim wonder and ponder alone; they lost their ties with the real, but we, lost our ties with the reality. We can see the world but the truth behind it, blurrs before us. Karim felt the shame tickling sharply when Karim touched the unfortunate [or maybe more fortunate than us?] to help him to even move himself into the saff.

Well, enough babbling for today. The above acts as a reminder especially for Karim and all who wants to be reminded because nevertheless we are human, and human do make mistakes.

Define again: blindness

Ghaza : Do we care?

Come on Muslimin, ACT. NOW.