Scene 1.
When a wave's crest meets another wave's crest, it becomes like this :

The amplitude is higher, the impact is greater and the damage caused is, of course a disaster.

Scene 2.
When a wave's crest meets another wave's trough, it becomes like this :

The amplitude is zero, there will be no impact and without doubt, the damage caused (if there is) is at minimum.

Now, to experiment and to apply the concept of the interference of the wave into our life, substitute :

Initial Condition of the Wave --> Our Egos.
Final Condition of the Wave --> The consequences of our Egoistic attitude to us.

May this become a tazkeerah for me and you and us. Have a nice day and God bless.



Cosmological Conflicts [Part 2]

3.5 Years ago...Karim was in form 2

Mama : Karimm!! What have you done?! Tell me. I do not wanna hear it from anyone else.

Karim : Gulp! Me? What I have done? Mama, actually it is not as bad as the ustaz had told you mama. Really.

Mama : Ok. Now, get up and tell me everything. Mama want you to be honest with me..What had made ustaz caned you? Your hands were very red. And this time, I do not have any sympathy for you, you find the problems yourself.

Karim : Ok Mama. I am sorry. Very sorry. It all started when me and my friend, fled from the class and hide in the toilet, 'lepak' actually. Then, he suddenly took one of the 'pemadam api' and then pressed it. Those toilet was filled with white powder, and then teacher arrived at the crime scene. And then, Mama know the rest. hmm..I am sorry.

Mama : Hmm.Ok. You are grounded for a week. No TV, no Red Alert. Final!
Karim : Ok Mama, sorry.

Karim shook her hands and kissed her, as a sign of sorry. Tears dropped, as Karim remember, not because the pain of the caning, but for dissapointing my mum. Pain of the caning was still flowing that time, at the moment the 'rotan' hits Karim's hand, so pain, like the blood cells is vibrating in the vessels. And that had taught Karim something. Thank you Ustaz, for caning me.

Middle of 20th century...

Hubble's discovery that the universe was expanding led to the emergence of another model that needed no fiddling around with to make the equations work right. If the universe was getting bigger as time advanced, going back in the time meant that it was getting smaller; and if one went back far enough, everything would shrink and converge at a single point. The conclusion to be derived from this model was that at some time, all the matter in the universe was compacted in a single point-mass that had 'zero volume' because of its immense gravitational force. Our universe came into being as the result of the explosion of this point-mass that had zero volume. This explosion has come to be called the ''big bang'' and its existence has repeatedly been confirmed by observational evidence.
The 'steady-state' hypothesis

Sejak penemuan redshift, teori Big Bang diterima oleh dunia sains pada masa itu, kerana buktinya yang cukup kukuh. Namun, dalam peralihan pendapat itu, masih terdapat saintis yang masih ingin mempertahankan ideologi mereka. Sebabnya, terlalu jelas bagi kita, yang ini adalah tanda wujudnya pencipta. English Astronomer, Arthur Eddington said " 'philosophically' the notion of an abrupt beginning to the present order of Nature is repugnant to me."

Pada waktu ini, wujud lah seorang saintis yang telah mengemukakan model baru, Fred Hoyle with his hypothesis. Kita boleh anggap idea ini extension untuk idea 'infinite universe' tapi versi yang lebih kemas dan lengkap. Fred, menerima alam ini mengembang, namun dia masih proposed dasar alam ini infinite dari segi masa dan dimensi. Model ini mendasarkan bahawa alam ini mengembang kerana matter secara continuously terjadi dalam ukuran yang cukup-cukup untuk mengekalkan universe ini dalam 'steady-state'. Maaf kalau pembaca tak faham, imagine lebih sikit, insya allah faham. Model ini secara tak langsung masih mengekalkan paradigma materialis dan amat-amat berbeza dengan model Big Bang. Supporters of Fred Hoyle 's theory remained adamantly opposed to the Big Bang for years. Science however was working against them.

The triumph of Big Bang- sign of Creation of a Creator

In 1948, George Gamov teruskan pengiraan Lemaitre lagi dalam, dan dia telah menemui satu lagi cara untuk memastikan bahawa Big Bang benar-benar berlaku. Dia merasakan jikalau Big Bang pernah berlaku, mesti ada sisa(remnants) daripada letupan itu, yang boleh dikesan, dikira dan dikaji, serta kesan itu mestilah 'uniform' throughout alam ini. Masya Allah, Allah Maha Merancang, pada tahun 1965 dua orang kamceng ; Arno Penzias dan Robert Wilson telah berjaya menemui atau mengesan remnants tersebut, yang dinamakan "cosmic background radiation". Radiasi ini lain daripada yang lain kerana radiasi ini tak terletak pada satu-satu tempat sahaja, tak bersumber dan dispersed and distributed equally. Lama kemudian baru mereka sedar, inilah yang telah diramal oleh Pakcik Gamov, echo of the Big Bang yang masih ada sejak moment pertama Big Bang. Masya Allah. Malah jumlah radiasi itu sama seperti yang dikira oleh Gamov. Ekoran penemuan ini, kamceng tersebut dianugerahi Nobel Prize.

Usaha ini diteruskan oleh NASA pada 1989 yang telah menghantar satelit called COBE (Cosmic Background Emission Explorer). Hanya lapan minit sahaja satelit ini mencukupi untuk COBE mula mengesan radiasi tersebut. Radiasi yang dense dan panas ini yang tertinggal kesan Big Bang ini. Selain radiasi ini, satu lagi bukti yang telah berjaya menggugat 'steady-state' hypothesis; kiraan menunjukkan jumlah relatif hydrogen dan helium yang tinggal selepas Big Bang adalah sama dengan theoretical calculations. Sekali lagi, materialis terdiam. Hal ini kerana jikalau alam adalah dalam keadaan 'stedy-state', kiraan menunjukkan bahawa sudah tentu semua hydrogennya sudah habis terbakar jadi helium (Fusion reactions). Confronted by such evidence, the Big Bang gained the near-complete approval of the scientific world. Masya Allah, again God reveals the truth of His ayaat in front of the kuffar themselves.

What about the 'steady-state' hypo? Defending the theory along with Fred Holye, Dennis Sciama describes their predicament in the face of evidence for the Big Bang saying that he had first taken a stand along with Fred, but as evidence began to pile up, he had to admit that the game was over and the thory had to be dismissed.


Mari kita lihat apa kata mereka selepas Big Bang terbukti benar.....Layannnn

The atheist philosopher Anthony Flew commented on this point:
Notoriously, confession is good for the soul. I will therefore begin by confessing that the Stratonician atheist has to be embarrassed by the contemporary cosmological consensus. For it seems that the cosmologists are providing a scientific proof of what St. Thomas contended could not be proved philosophically; namely, that the universe had a beginning. So long as the universe can be comfortably thought of as being not only without end but also beginning, it remains easy to urge that its brute existence, and whatever are found to be its most fundamental features, should be accepted as the explanatory ultimates. Although I believe that it remains still correct, it certainly is neither easy nor comfortable to maintain this position in the face of the Big Bang story.

For instance, the American astrophysicist Hugh Ross proposes a Creator of universe, Who is above all physical dimensions as:
By definition, time is that dimension in which cause-and-effect phenomena take place. No time, no cause and effect. If time's beginning is concurrent with the beginning of the universe, as the space-time theorem says, then the cause of the universe must be some entity operating in a time dimension completely independent of and pre-existent to the time dimension of the cosmos. …It tells us that the Creator is transcendent, operating beyond the dimensional limits of the universe. It tells us that God is not the universe itself, nor is God contained within the universe.

Masya Allah...inilah kawan-kawan, lihat lah, mereka sendiri mengakui wujudnya Tuhan. Like Dr Zakir Naik said, kita kena ucap tahniah kepada atheis. Mereka dah akui separuh kalimah tauhid. Asas mereka '' Tiada Tuhan''. Asas kita "Tiada Tuhan melainkan Allah."


3.5 years ago.......same years

Mama : Karim, why do you seems further from me day by day? Is anything wrong with you?

Karim : Nothing Mama, I am 'Okay'.

Mama : Are you sure? If you have anything to share or to tell, just go ahead okay. I am always here for you. Ok?

Karim : Okay Mama. Everything is Okay.

Mama : Ok. Just tell me, Mama know you have a problem. If you cannot cope it, ask for my help ok.

Karim speak slowly to himself : Sorry Mama, it's not that I do not wanna tell you, it is just, I am not myself now, and I hate to disappoint you. Sorry.

That year, when Karim was in form two, was a very dark year for Karim. Dark Age. Smoking, ponteng, and other bad deeds. Karim had tried all of it. Not for fame as others had done. But curiousity. Silently and systematically. Karim misused his intelligent swiftly. Ouch! Ashamed. To his God. Karim took a good step after a long one year had Karim dipped himself in the darkness, strangely, God was always with him. Allah guided Karim smoothly and nicely, eventhough Karim was away from his God for a long time. That day, after a long dark treason, Karim had finally done the right thing. Karim had boosted a Porn-Cd plan, and reported it to Ustaz. Hmm, unfortunately, one of Karim's friends told the boss. Luckily, God was with Karim all the time. At least, Karim has been saved from a planned ganking. Alhamdulillah. That Ramadhan, Karim placed himself in the Mosque, crying day after day, ashamed and feeling weird. "Why had God saved me, I have done many bad things, leaving most of my obligation? Why?". The answer went through Karim's heart gently, "Allah is the most gracious, the most merciful". He cried. Like a child. God had saved him from the dark valley, touched by His love, Karim took a new step, to start a new life with pure and clean identity.

"Langkah remajamu ditusuk sembilu, Kembara dewasamu diamuk nafsu"....Yes, he was right. My steps had once pierced my memories, remained as dark portions of memories, forbidden memories. Steps that had crashed many heart. Striking and slicing them, like the slashing of the Hidden Mitsurugi Style. Breaking and piercing, in the dark way, like the Jutsu of Tsukuyomi, Mangekyou Sharingan. Those who have feel it, may understand it. Allahummahdi syababal islam wa nisa'al muslimin. God, please show the right way for us! Amiin...

Next, the interference of more intel persons, refuting the Big Bang.

Cosmological Conflicts [Part 1]


Karim tergerak untuk ceritakan perkara ini, sebab banyak daripada kita tak tahu dan tak tergerak untuk mengetahui mukjizat AL-Quran dan kuasa Allah yang telah terbukti dalam kalangan pengkaji-pengkaji bukan Islam. Namun Karim akan olah ia untuk menjadi lebih menarik. Bismillah...
[Some english terms will not be changed into malay as Karim cannot find any suitable word, owing to Karim's stupidity.]

12 years ago.....

Rumah Karim 'blackout'. Jadi Karim sekeluarga keluar rumah sebab panas, dan bapa Karim buat unggun api di depan rumah. Waktu itu, Karim tadika. Tengah baring dengan Mama Karim, Karim tengok langit, nampak benda yang Karim selalu nampak, tapi sayangnya Karim baru sedar keindahannya waktu itu. Masya Allah. Karim then asked.

Karim : Mama, mama, what are those things? (Pointed towards the sky)

Mama : Karim, those are great fire balls. We called them stars.

Karim : But mama, you said those are great fire balls, why they are all seem so small to me?

Mama : My lovely Karim, it is because those fire balls are located very-very far away from us sayang.

Karim : Oh, like that. Then mama, why are their lights not shining continuously, their lights like blinking, or appear as a glimpse?

Mama : Karim, Mama do not know about it really well, but Mama think it is maybe because of the refraction of lights.

Karim : What is refraction?

Mama : Oh my dear Karim, you are too young to understand. When you are big enough, Mama hope you will tell me more about it. OK? But, what Mama know, our family are stars. Like your dad, he is a star in Hercules Ring. Why, although he is getting older, his spirits grew stronger day by day to keep us warmed, lived in the right path. In Islam. And with the permission of Allah, we will until our spirits depart from this world with Iman.

Karim : Mama, you are my Sun. Without you, I may not lived happily. I love you, and will be always loving you. Muahh. Karim kissed her, hoping Karim could kiss her again in the Heaven. Amiin.


Sejak hari itu, Karim bertekad nak mengetahui lebih banyak tentang angkasa, nak belajar, dan merungkai misteri yang Allah telah cipta. Karim menjadi lebih minat tentang perkara ini lebih daripada perkara lain. Bukan itu sahaja, Karim nak naikkan nama Islam. Salah seorang daripada kawan Karim ada cita-cita nak dianugerahi Nobel Prize. Dia nak jadi particle physicist. Karim doakan dia dan semua kawan-kawan Karim berjaya dalam perjuangkan Islam. Karim bermonolog "Islam is about to rise, the ayat of God soon gonna come true, and I am gonna be part of it. Yes, I am gonna be part of the Promised Victory. Insya Allah. "

14 abad yang lalu.....

Dan tidakkah orang-orang kafir itu memikirkan dan mempercayai bahawa sesungguhnya langit dan bumi itu pada asal mulanya bercantum (sebagai benda yang satu), lalu Kami pisahkan antara keduanya? Dan Kami jadikan dari air, tiap-tiap benda yang hidup? Maka mengapa mereka tidak mahu beriman?
(Al-Anbiyaa' : 30)

Pada masa itu, tidak timbul pertikaian fakta sains. Kaum Quraisy hanya mencari kesalahan secara literal dan logik, namun kuasa Allah mengatasi segalanya. Sehinggakan pakar bahasa mereka mengakui keindahan bahasa Al-Quran. Dan pada masa itu, umat Islam pula menerima ayat itu dengan penuh keikhlasan dan keyakinan. Masya Allah. Namun setelah masa berlalu, mukjizat keindahan bahasa Al-Quran kekal tidak terkalah, terdapat satu lagi mukjizat Al-Quran yang dicabar. Iaitu fakta saintifik.

Seabad yang lalu.......

Pada waktu ini, penciptaan kosmos adalah konsep yang sememangnya diabaikan oleh para astronomi. Sebabnya, kosmos dikatakan sesuatu yang wujud pada masa yang tidak terbatas, atau pun kita boleh anggap atau katakan ianya existed in infinte time. Apa tidaknya, kebanyakan saintis atau Jemaah saintis pada masa itu tidak menjumpai apa-apa sebab yang menunjukkan kosmos ini dicipta. Ianya hanya kosmos yang tiba-tiba wujud. There was no moment of ''creation''- a moment when the universe and everything came into being. Ideologi ini boleh dikatakan bertahan untuk jangka masa yang agak lama, dan salah satu sebabnya, materialisme. Kerana materialis punya ideologi selari dengan idea "eternal existence" of cosmo, secara automatiknya, idea ini disokong oleh materialis malah menjadi antara hujah yang kuat bagi pihak ini.

Macam kita belajar sejarah, ada satu masa, pihak agama di Eropah (pertembungan cosmology aktif di sini) iaitu Krisitian berjaya mendapat pengaruh, dan secara automatiknya pengaruh idea ini menurun. Bible stated that this universe was ''created'', yang berlawanan dengan idea materialis. After a few moments, bila Renaissance berlaku, materialisme kembali bertakhta, di mana idea ini selari dengan saintis pada masa itu. Yea, dulu kan saintis dan pihak agama tak sependapat, macam Galileo yang dihukum tak boleh keluar rumah sebab kenyataannya menentang pihak Kristian.

Seterusnya, perkembangan kosmologi makin rancak. Immanuel Kant, German philosopher sewaktu European Enlightenment mempertahankan idea "eternal existence"
bersama-sama materialis. Pada abad ke-19, idea kosmos ini tidak ada permulaan dan tidak pernah dicipta diterima ramai. Usaha ini diteruskan pula oleh Karl Marx and the gang. Malah, usaha Immanuel inilah yang memajukan idea ini yang seterusnya diterima juga oleh atheis. Heh, memang tak payah pelik. Atheis mempertahankan idea 'tiada tuhan', idea "infinite universe" pula menerangkan tentang alam ini tidak dicipta. Kalau alam ini dicipta, secara automatiknya mesti ada pencipta, kalau ada pencipta, tak lain dan tak bukan mesti yang lagi berkuasa daripada manusia, Allah the only One. Oleh sebab pada masa ini pun pengaruh golongan-golongan ini kuat, saintis secara automatik menyokong mereka, sehinggakan idea "infinite universe" disokong walau tak ada bukti dan asas saintifik yang kuat. Contohnya, macam Georges Politzer. sanggup kemukakan "infinite universe" model, yang diharapkan idea ini 'valid' dengan sains. He was an ardent champion of both Marxism and Materialism. Salah satu petikan dalam bukunya : The universe was not a created object, if it were, then it would be have created instantaneously by God and brought into existence from nothing. To admit creation, one has to admit, in the first place, the existence of a moment when the universe did not exist, and that something came out of nothingness. This is something to which science cannot accede.

Well, nampaknya saintis ini dah mengaku, kalau ada penciptaan, mesti ada pencipta. Memang Karim sendiri tak sedar, betapa pentingnya perkataan 'create' dalam konflik ini.


1920...dan seterusnya.

Pada masa ini, merupakan satu titik perubahan yang amat penting dalam sejarah kosmologi. Pada 1922, seorang physicist Rusia, Friedman telah menghasilkan satu 'computations' yang menunjukkan struktur alam ini tidak statik dan cukup lah dengan satu impulse kecil boleh menyebabkan seluruh alam ini mengembang atau mengecut menurut Einstein's Theory of Relativity (First idea yang menentang atheism). Begitu juga dengan Lemaitre, yang meneruskan usaha Friedman dengan mengisytiharkan bahawa alam ini ada permulaan dan sedang mengembang disebabkan oleh sesuatu. Dia juga mengatakan bahawa kadar radiasi boleh dijadikan ukuran ''aftermath'' of something. Sayang sekali sayang, usaha mereka pada waktu ini tidak di'recognized' oleh saintis pada masa itu. Alah, macam Mendel, usaha dia kan tak di'recognized' waktu itu, tapi sekarang, ilmu dia jadi epoch untuk ilmu biologi. Usaha mereka memang tak diambil kira sehingga pada tahun 1929, apabila fenomena redshift ditemui dan dibuktikan oleh seorang yang tidak asing lagi nama dia dalam astronomi, Edwin Hubble. Dalam pemerhatian dia, dia mendapati jarak bintang semakin jauh bila cahaya bintang itu di'shift'kan ke hujung spektrum cahaya. Malah, dia mendapati bintang-bintang ini bukan sahaja semakin jauh dari kita, tapi satu sama lain. Masya Allah, God's words being proved by Him.

It is We Who have built the universe with (Our Creative) power, and verily, it is We Who are steadily expanding it. (Ad-Dzariyaat : 47)

Penemuan Edwin sememangnya mengejutkan ramai pihak dan sememangnya telah menggoyahkan ideologi materialis dan atheis. According to the recognized rules of physics, the spectra of light beams travelling towards the point of observation tend towards violet, and vice versa which tend towards red. Penemuan ini secara tidak langsung menunjukkan alam ini mengembang. Dan kalau alam ini mengembang, mesti pada satu masa dahulu pernah mengecut, and at one point, mesti alam ini pernah 'tiada'.

Penemuan ini membawa kepada pembuktian satu insiden mega yang dinamakan BIG BANG. Penemuan ini juga mendesak para saintis meninggalkan idea "infinite universe", dan secara langsung telah membuktikan kiraan yang dibuat oleh Lemaitre tidak lama dahulu. Namun, pada masa yang lebih terdahulu juga, one of the greatest minds of our age, Einstein pernah mengatakan bahawa alam ini tidak statik berdasarkan kiraan mengikut Relativity Theory. In 1915, terkejut dengan pengiraannya yang tidak selari dengan ideologi dominan pada waktu itu, Einstein menambah "cosmological constant" dalam kiraannya in order to "make the answer come out right", sebab para saintis dalam bidang astronomi mengatakan tak ada jalan lain untuk membuatkan kiraannya 'betul'. Years later, Einstein was to admit that his cosmological constant was the biggest mistake of his career. Period ini merupakan titik penting di mana bermulanya era 'alam dicipta'. Untuk mengakui alam dicipta, mesti diakui bahawa adanya pencipta, yang tidak lain dan tidak bukan ALLAH.

Lihatlah kawan-kawan, bagaimana Allah membuktikan satu persatu kebenaran ayat-ayat Nya, di hadapan orang-orang kafir.


5 years ago......

Karim : Mama, can I ask you a question?

Mama : Sure, go ahead my dear...

Karim : I had found what I really wanted to know, about the sky.

Mama : yes, I am glad you have found what you want to master. So, Karim, what is this all about?

Karim : Emmm, Mama, can I one day travel to the oversea to further my studies?

Mama : Oh, sure you can...If you can prove to me that you are worth for it!

Karim : Thank you Mama, I hope , I will Insya Allah. Pray for me ya mama!

Mama : Mama pray for you everytime, every prayer I had. And every air I breath, I will always pray for you my child. That's what every mum would do my dear. Although I am very strict to you, but my heart is always pray for you. Always Karim. Just be a good son. Allah will be with you.


Part 2, kita akan teruskan dengan penentangan secara saintifik oleh pelbagai pihak yang lebih bijak, dengan konflik yang lebih rumit. Insya Allah

For each of you, and for each of yours.


God created every single creation, with a counterpart, or in simple word; a mate. And when I said 'every single', I really meant it.

Digging into the depth physical world of ours, there are a lot of mysteries yet to be solved. And one of them is the antimatter. Hmm, 'matter' seems familiar, but what is 'antimatter'?

Antimatter is the extension of the concept of the antiparticle to matter, where antimatter is composed of antiparticles in the same way that normal matter is composed of particles. Simply said, it is just the same as matter but with a reversed electrical charge.

Example: As we know, a proton which is positive, with an electron, negatively charged can produce Hydrogen, H. Hence, applying the concept of antimatter, an antiproton, negatively charged, along with an antielectron will produce, an antihydrogen.

Fictional as it seems, antimatters does exists. It is created and annihilated in the galaxy everyday. However, it is very hard, nearly impossible to be harnessed in our world. If it ever could, (technology's driving real fast), all our energy problems will be solved. Imagine, a half of kilo antimatter can produce enormous energy to light up the United States for 2 days.

Enough babbling there. People tend to read simple short yet effective posts. :)

But just for those curious inquisitive minds, here are some links:

And live life to the max, God bless.

- I guess who's the counterpart, or in perfect word; the very soul mate of mine? :) -

Aksi SPM 2008

Salam to all readers. Kali ini Karim nak cerita sedikit tentang SPM yang baru Karim lalui. Yelah, ini yang Karim eager nak ceritakan, while budak-budak form 4 pula happy dengan mereka punya wafdul amin, dapat tangkap rusa and macam-macam la.

Aksi 1.
First day SPM, lepas berkumpul untuk baca doa pagi. Semua dipanggil masuk dalam dewan. Muka semua waktu tu memang control cuak, lain la yang memang betul-betul tak cuak, lain cerita, yang betul cuak tapi cover memang nak terburai perut gelak. Tapi tak boleh gelak, nanti ilmu keluar. Ceyp. Seorang demi seorang, alahai skemanya mereka susun IC dan slip exam atas meja. Teliti and meticulous. Susunannya with Precise geometry and coordinate.

Aksi 2.
Ada sekali itu, ada seorang pelajar banat, pergi ke tandas. Tiba-tiba ada havoc dekat belakang dewan. Astaghfirullah, ingatkan apa, cedera ke apa. rupa-rupanya si banat ini dia pergi masuk tandas yang dikhususkan untuk pengawas lelaki. Apa lagi, kebetulan ketua pengawas lelaki dalam itu, ha, ribut la sekejap. Karim gelak je memanjang.

Aksi 3.
Ada sekali tu, kawan Karim, angkat tangan. Ingatkan nak pergi tandas, dah la paper susah kan, nak pergi tandas. Japtu, dia pergi tunjuk-tunjuk kat budak depan. Punya la curious Karim tengok apa jadi, ingatkan laporan ada orang meniru ke apa ke. Rupa-rupanya pen yang dia baru beli dekat JJ tak keluar dakwat dia. Haha...Dia mintak pengawas tu pinjamkan orang lain punya.

Aksi 4.
Pada petang itu, hujan renyai-renyai. Angin bertiup sepoi-sepoi bahasa. Pintu terbuka dan tertutup macam ada calon tengah belajar telekinesis. Suasana hening. Otak Karim laju buat exam. Tiba-tiba.... POMMMM! Guruh berbunyi. Karim terkejut, tapi control. Yang kelakarnya, orang sebelah Karim tersentak, apa lagi, Karim bantai la gelak yang tidak mencurigakan. Geli hati rasanya. Banin-banin lain, ada yang relief sendiri la, tak termalu macam orang lain.

Aksi 5.
Memang kami diberitahu oleh batch atas, never try to check the answers. Tapi, bila keluar, nafsu membuak-buak nak check. Alasan, untuk paper lepas ini. Apa lagi, mula la check kat pondok. Ada satu paper, Karim tak nak check sebenarnya, tiba-tiba ada orang datang bincang depan Karim. Apa lagi, Karim buka satu persatu muka surat yang dibincangkan. Tupp, salah, bukak lagi, salah lagi, dah berapa banyak dah salah. Orang lain pun macam itu jugak la, muka semua dah lain macam. Ha, salah memang banyak juga lah.

Aksi 6.
Di surau, ada abang-abang senior (alumni), duduk dengan kami tengah study. Paper Bio that day. Ada sorang abang tuh cakap, "baik korang jangan study, nanti keluar baik. Korang kan pernah belajar simple diffusion. Bila ilmu dalam kepala korang lagi tepu dari buku, ilmu dalam kepala korang akan keluar pergi ke buku balik sampai dynamic equilibrium is reached". Lepas itu dia gelak. Ada juga la rasa geram dengan abang ini, tapi gurauan dia senangkan hati kami. Abang itu sekarang dekat USIM, Medic.

AKsi 7.
Hari itu, last paper. Karim rasa hati sangat gembira, tapi pada masa yang sama sayu, tak jumpa dah dengan pengawas peperiksaan yang amat baik dengan kami. 3 Minutes before habis, Karim dah gelak seorang-seorang, kawan belakang Karim pun dah tersenyum-senyum. Bila habis, Karim rasa happy sangat. Habis itu, lepas asar Karim terus menuju ke TBun. Before that, Karim jumpa ketua pengawas, minta maaf kalau ada salah silap dari kami pelajar al-amin. Muka mereka macam sedih. Karim sedih jugak. Selamat tinggal.

The nearest star to us is the Sun. And it takes approximately 8 minutes for it's light to reach our eyes. Then, the question arose.

When we see the Sun, are we seeing the image of the blaze 8 minutes ago?

So, if we actually make the scale smaller, if it takes about 0.00001 seconds for the light of the monitor to enter our eyes, aren't we actually looking through an image and not the reality?

What's the reality? What is this world we're living in? Who are we?

While playing with the questions, another rose. What is 8 minutes? And what is 0.00001 seconds? Or to be more specific, what is time?

Is it a perception created by us when we compare an event to another? Well, that's the answer scientists gave. But imagine if people didnt make comparisons between two events, will there be time?

And so, that's why God swore with it. The mystery behind time is just unfathomable, yet.

"Wal Asr".

With a gift, comes a heavy liability.

Salam to all readers of this blog, which of course hadn't read a single post since last 11th November. Well, first things first. SPM was Karim's priority and so, Karim had no choice. Nevertheless, now given the chance to type something, Karim feltthe enthusiasm to share something with everyone.

"With a gift, comes a heavy liability." - Anonymous.

After the burden and -as The Ex-Head Girl said- 'The Battle of the Brain' ended, Karim had times to watch a very interesting, bizarre and exceptionally awesome series, famously know and named as "Heroes". Heroes is a great, an epic to exaggarate, story created by Tom Kring. Filled with a mind-cracking story line, a powerful attraction to make audiences ponder and enhanced with none-stop CGI effects, Heroes just made Karim sat in front of the monitor all day long. 8/8, enough said.

The point is, Heroes like every other movies and series, came with messages. And here is where the quote above crosses the line of realm of fantasy into the world of reality.

To anyone who had watched or are watching the wonderful series, you'll probably have no confusions or no problems to fathom the words I am going to say. But to those who never heard about Heroes, I recommend you to grab it somewhere and just give it a try.

One of the main character is Peter Petrelli. We 'all' know about his abilities, the power to absorb other peoples' power making him special, even among specials. Alas, it was gifted with the consequences of a broken family, a non-stop-saving-the-world-life and all sorts of problems one could never imagine.

And theres the main villain, Sylar who would probably shocked those who had followed season I and II with his upcoming in season III. His obsolete power, the ability to understand how things work is uber cool (Although he kills other gifteds to gain theirs') Imagine, just by reading through the text books once (Emphasis: Once!!!), you will score a perfect 100% score in the SPM. :) Yet, it came with a heavy hunger and desire that never satisfies for more. Sylar kills and kills and his satisfaction somehow is never fulfilled. However, these are only dreams and imagination the so called humans derived from their awful real life.

So, whats the point of me showing all these nonsense craps you would ask. Well, frankly said, imaginative as it is, Tim Kring is showing us who we are and the life we're walking through. A guy who is given the power to govern, has the responsibilty to ensure all the needy ones are off hungers and have shelters to live. A sportsman who would win rm1000000 from our extra generous government had to keep down the pressure exerting from every directions onto him, as if he failed, the world ends. A student given the gift of a better mind and brain, always suffers side effects; unnessary inquisities and always judging, concluding from what he thought and not from what happened and they are often proved wrong. Heck, the best example would be, students given the opportunity of holidays. How are they spending it? Computers, city malls or books and helping parents.

In short words, with a gift, comes a heavy liability. Think about it and good luck spending your holidays. May God bless.